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Dusty Feet’s programs focus on three main areas of influence: protection, advocacy and education. With this multi-faceted approach, we are bringing a comprehensive solution to a complex issue. Our programs are designed to fight human trafficking directly as well as to address the root causes that lead to people being trafficked.

Safe House


The Dusty Feet Safe House is located in the Kiamaiko neighborhood of Mathare Valley — one of Nairobi’s largest slums. Our research has revealed that prostitution and organ trafficking are very present problems in our neighborhood. The Safe House provides the community with three services:

  1. Providing a safe place for vulnerable people to sleep is a vital component in fighting human trafficking. In the evening, individuals at risk can come and find a safe place to be off the streets at night.
  2. During the day, the safe house serves as a daycare facility for young children while their parents work or search for employment.
  3. The safe house serves as a community gathering point and vocational education center.

Anti-Trafficking Curriculum


Dusty Feet develops curriculum that is used in schools, orphanages, churches and community centers to educate those at risk of being trafficked. We have educated tens of thousands of people about prevalent issues and scenarios in Nairobi. The Anti-Trafficking Curriculum is an instructional tool developed to help people identify and report human trafficking. It also presents safety tips to        help people protect themselves.

Our goal is to develop educated communities that are able to self-police the pitfalls around them. We are proud to partner with the Kenya National Human Rights Commission to exponentially increase the impact of our curriculum.



Dusty Feet is constantly pushing for greater protection from traffickers by partnering with local police and governmental organizations. In 2010 we helped sponsor the Counter Trafficking in Persons Bill for Kenya. This bill outlines the rights of victims and requires the enforcement of penalties for offenders. In addition to being a legislative advocate, Dusty Feet promotes the process of reporting offenses and educates the public about human and civic rights.

Project 300


By hosting this monthly feeding program for 300 families in need, we gain knowledge about the needs and issues facing those we serve. In collaboration with award-winning hip-hop group BMF and Joy Divine children’s home, we are able to pull resources and volunteers from all over our community.

National Police Education Program


In cooperation with the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, we host seminars to further educate the Kenyan police force about human trafficking. In many cases throughout Kenya, victims of trafficking are dismissed or prosecuted as criminals. These seminars are designed to teach Kenyan police officers to efficiently and effectively address the grievances of those who are trafficked as well as pursuing perpetrators.



Our belief in the power of partnership and collaboration led us to start the East Africa Partnership Against Human Trafficking (EAPAHT) in 2010. The mission of EAPAHT is to bring holistic solutions to protect, rescue and restore vulnerable people. The EAPAHT is an informal gathering of like-minded organizations that offer one another support and service to help each accomplish our collective goals. Other members include the following:

  • The Undugu Society of Kenya
  • Watoto Wema
  • Joy Divine
  • FIDA (Federation of Women Lawyers)
  • The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
  • Carolina for Kibera
  • Mathare Child Development Center

Media Presence / BMF


Dusty Feet founders Freddie Ouma and Patrick Maina are half of an award winning hip-hop group called Be My Faithful (BMF).

Their music is played in multiple venues throughout East Africa from dance clubs to churches. BMF’s numerous radio and TV appearances have made them very influential. With BMF’s celebrity status has come the opportunity to educate tens of thousands of young people about the dangers of trafficking. Dusty Feet could not ask for a more powerful voice than BMF to help deliver our message to young people who may find themselves at risk.

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by promoting freedom and the means of achieving it, we empower people to protect themselves and change their communities from within.