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Reporting and Mapping Human Trafficking in Nairobi

Dusty Feet has partnered with the Nairobi-based Crowdmap service to provide a tangible tool for reporting, tracking and organizing incidents of Human Trafficking in Kenya. Crowdmap is a tool that allows the public to crowdsource information and see it on a map and timeline. Developed in our own backyard by the Nairobi-based Ushahidi tech company, Crowdmap will revolutionize our understanding of Human Trafficking in Kenya.

What does Crowdmap do exactly?

Crowdmap FINAL Crowdmap allows any individual with access to the internet, email or a mobile phone to observe and report specified incidents with the click of a couple buttons. The information is then collected and visualized on a map that shows where the incident was reported and when.

Analytical tools will allow the public, non-profits and government organizations to have real-time access to what’s going on in their country and have accurate visuals and statistics that would otherwise take them months to research. Individuals reporting incidents are able to contribute to the big picture while their personal information remains private and secure.

Crowdmap is simply a reporting tool and does not imply that immediate action is being taken against these incidents. A major goal is to provide this valuable information to police and government officials so they can develop an appropriate course of action.

How does Dusty Feet use Crowdmap?

Dusty Feet sees Crowdmap as the perfect tool to promote community action against Human Trafficking. The Crowdmap we have created allows Kenyan communities to observe and report incidents of prostitution, forced or unpaid labor, child labor, abduction of children for organ trafficking or the sale of vital organs, and false companies that are advertising for illegitimate jobs domestically and overseas.

Individuals can currently use email, Twitter or the Crowdmap website to report incidents of trafficking with SMS reporting to come later this year.

As individuals report incidents and populate the map we are able to more effectively fight against human trafficking. By becoming aware of where and when incidents occur, we will be better equipped to know where to focus our work and what time of day people are most susceptible. Not only does the map show incidents of trafficking in Nairobi but it also shows where Dusty Feet has distributed curriculum or made an impact. This not only provides you with information about what we’re doing but also keeps us accountable to the reporters that take the time to send in reports.

We will be continually sharing the information at the East Africa Partnership Against Human Trafficking (E.A.P.A.H.T.) meetings and will also provide it to police and government.

How Can I Make A Report?

Crowdmap Website: On the right hand side of the website there is a link titled ‘By filling this form on our website.’ Click this link and fill out the form and pinpoint the location of the incident on the map.

iPhone or Android App: Download the Crowdmap application to your mobile phone and complete the form and map details as directed.

Email: Email Dusty Feet directly with a description of the incident, where and when it occurred, and any news article/video/picture links that can support the report if possible.

Twitter: Send a tweet using the hashtag(s): ##nairobiwatch / or / ##nairobitrafficking . Clearly state where and when the incident occurred and as much detail as possible in your 140 character limit.

SMS (Coming Soon): Send a text message to the Dusty Feet phone number (coming later) and provide details on what happened, where and when the incident took place, and another helpful information.

** Remember, your information will remain private and secure and will be used expressly for the purpose of fighting against Human Trafficking.

What If There Is An Emergency?


Police #999
Child Help Line #116
Dusty Feet Office #070889656
OR Contact The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights: 1st Floor CVS Plaza, Kasuku Rd, off Leana Rd +254-020-271790

If you witness a person being trafficked or are trafficked yourself, it is your duty to report it. Victims of trafficking and the people who witness them are the key to reporting offenses.

Don’t be afraid! Traffickers use that fear to keep human trafficking quiet!

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