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In October of 2013, Dusty Feet is leading a team on an expedition to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This trip will help Dusty Feet raise funds and awareness while giving our supporters an unforgettable experience.

We are also offering a Service & Safari trip. This counterpart to the Kilimanjaro climb is perfect for those who would love to come to Kenya, experience Dusty Feet first hand, and go with members of our staff on an incredible Safari in the Maasai Mara.

This fundraising expedition is the perfect way to support Dusty Feet and have an unforgettable adventure. If you’re interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or the Service & Safari trip, download the information packet on our MEDIA page.

Travel with us:

TRAVEL-WITH-US Dusty Feet would like nothing more than to take you to Kenya, use your skills to help our programs and develop a passion in you for helping and serving others. Whether you’ve been to Kenya a hundred times or if traveling with Dusty Feet would be your first time, one thing is for sure, you will never be the same.

Trips with Dusty Feet are designed to do one thing: build relationships. You will spend your time laughing with new friends and caring for those who are hurting.

Traveling with Dusty Feet is not about going to Africa to pity people. While you may experience a life-changing perspective shift after seeing poverty or seeing the devastation of trafficking, the resolve and hope of the people you meet will amaze you.

‘Dusty Feet’ refers to an African proverb that says. ‘The dust of Africa will never leave the soles of your feet.” It’s true. You will be changed by your experience.


INTERNSHIP Dusty Feet offers internship opportunities. We address each internship applicant individually. If you are interested in interning with Dusty Feet, send us a note at:


The Dusty Fleet Street Team is an amazing way for people who care about the issue of human trafficking to partner with us. Dusty Fleet members are encouraged to bring their creativity and passion to help Dusty Feet accomplish things like:

  • Coordinate local events to support Dusty Feet
  • Educate their communities about human trafficking
  • Fundraise for Dusty Feet by promoting the IMPRINT CAMPAIGN (see below)

We love our Dusty Fleet and do everything that we can to support them while letting them advocate for Dusty Feet in whatever way they are passionate.


THE IMPRINT CAMPAIGN The IMPRINT CAMPAIGN is a fundraising tool that joins thousands of small donors together to make a big impact on the financial health of Dusty Feet as well as increasing awareness of human trafficking.

See a video about the Imprint Campaign at


This process serves three functions in supporting Dusty Feet:

  1. Educates everyone about human trafficking. Human trafficking is a world wide problem — even in the United States. Bringing in contributors furthers our efforts to fight a global problem with grassroots effort.
  2. Financially supports us in our work. Those $3/month contributions add up quickly. By spreading out our support base, the weight on the individual is lightened.
  3. Enables individuals to visit Africa to be inspired.

By gathering 200 monthly contributions of $3 you are eligible to take an all-expenses-paid trip with Dusty Feet to see and help with our work in Nairobi.

Our Dusty Fleet coordinator will get you all the materials you need to help you succeed. If you are interested in being an IMPRINT CAMPAIGN advocate, contact us at: info@dustyfeetonline.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts Dusty Feet hosts periodic Google+ hangouts to put our staff in direct contact with our supporters. If you would like to be a part of one of our hangouts, contact us at info@dustyfeetonline or follow us on Twitter @DustyFeet to find out when we’re online.

you can help fight human trafficking.