Echo Alliance

In our constant pursuit of sustainability, Dusty Feet operates Echo Alliance, a for-profit LLC. By starting for-profit businesses in Kenya and the United States where the profits go directly back to our nonprofit programs, Dusty Feet is becoming self-sustainable. Echo Alliance businesses range from high-quality computer bags made in Kenya (Traffic Bags) to a one-stop shop for eco-friendly products targeted to people living in the slums of Nairobi (Urban Eco-Solutions). You can find out more about Echo Alliance by going to


Traffic Bags

Traffic Bags High-quality, trendy bags for local and international markets. The water-resistant, colorful bags provide a durable product that can be used every day as you commute to work or school. We take pride in knowing that our bag-makers receive competitive wages and see the effects of their work poured back into their communities. Our goal is not just to make an awesome bag, but also to develop a product that tells a story and points people to a cause that affects thousands of people throughout East Africa.


Urban Eco-Solutions

Urban Eco-Solutions Through relationships with several companies in Nairobi, Dusty Feet has pulled together numerous products that will be sold in every Urban Eco-Solutions store. Every product has been selected to improve community health, lighten the economic drain on consumers or reduce environmental strain. These products include, but are not limited to, the following: solar panels, Peepoo bags (turning human waste into fertilizer) and Motopoa Gel Fuel (providing a local solution that burns cleaner and is cheaper to cook with than charcoal or kerosene).


Community Cooker

Community Cooker The Community Cooker is a community development project designed by Planning House, a Kenyan architecture firm. Since completing the prototype in 2008, Community Cooker has become an award-winning solution to many problems in Nairobi’s slums. The basic principle of the cooker is simple yet powerful: responsibly collect and burn trash in order to generate heat that can be used for cooking, baking, boiling water and for other industrial purposes. The Community Cooker encourages communities to participate in trash collection in exchange for access to cooking facilities, hot water, showers and latrines.


Landlock Boards

Landlock Boards Landlock Boards are high-quality, jumbo-sized skateboards. Our boards appeal to both experienced and inexperienced riders as the larger board shape and wheels give a more fluid and manageable ride than a regular skate deck. Based out of Springfield, Missouri, Landlock Boards lets the customer choose the size, shape and artwork for their boards. Landlock Boards are perfect for surfers and snowboarders who want a street riding experience similar to what they experience on a snow covered mountain or on the ocean.

Echo Alliance is constantly looking to partner with individuals and organizations interested in using their expertise to make a difference overseas. Whether you have a great business idea, an existing business that is looking to expand its reach, or simply become passionate about one of our current businesses, please contact us!

Email our Echo Alliance Director at or call 586-457-0141.

by starting for-profit businesses and using the profits to support our anti-human trafficking work, we are striving to build a completely sustainable model.